There are a lot of mattress reviews on this website including the best mattresses for couples, but those reviews are solely based upon sleeping. We understand that you’ll use your mattress for more than just sleep. So, in this article we will help you to choose a mattress which will be good for those intimate moments but at the same time, it will provide you utmost comfort and support so that you don’t have to compromise on comfort for pleasure. Sex is a personal thing, and it is understandable that you cannot just go to a store and ask the salesperson about the best mattress for sex. You will not be able to figure out anything in a 2 minutes trial either. With this article, our goal is to help you to choose a mattress which is best for sex and also an overall high performance mattress. Below is our list of mattresses that are best for sex according to us but please bear in mind that these are based on our preferences while your preferences may differ. But anyhow, you can use these recommendations as a starting point and research further.


  • Layla

Layla mattress is our top pick in multiple categories. It comes with two levels of firmness in single mattress which means you can just flip the mattress and decide which side works the best for you- The soft side or the medium firm side. Layla mattress provides the perfect amount of bounce and edge support for couples. It starts from just $500 and offers a 120 nights free trial. Obviously you will not pick a mattress only because it’s considered good for sex, you would want comfort also. Layla provides comfort and bounce both in one mattress with different level of firmness while still being affordable. This mattress definitely deserves to be your first choice if you’re looking for a new mattress.


  • Zenhaven Mattress

Zenhaven is made of pure Talalay latex. It offers two firmness levels – Gentle Firm and Luxury Plush. You just have to flip it and decide which side suits you the best. It comes with a cover which is made up of 100% pure New Zealand wool which makes this mattress breathable as well as extra responsive. It also provides additional support to different parts of the body. It is constructed in different sizes and pinholes are distributed specifically in the torso and shoulders area for that extra support. It is the more on the expensive side and hence not everyone can afford it, but anyway it’s a great mattress.


  • Leesa

Leesa is a foam mattress which is the best when it comes to both sleep and sex. It is as comfortable as memory foam and at the same time bouncier and more responsive than memory foam. You will never feel as if you’re sunk into your mattress. Though it is constructed of foam, the topmost is made of Avena foam, which is designed to give the feeling of memory foam and the bounce of a latex mattress. Leesa offers a medium-firm feel which is comfortable for most people as it offers relief for the body’s main pressure points. If you’re still not convinced to get yourself this mattress, then this also comes with 100 nights risk free trial within which you can return this mattress without any cost to you.


  • Winkbed Mattress

WinkBed is known for it’s durability which is an important factor for a couple. With all the sexual activities on your mattress, it can wear down over time but you don’t have to worry about this with WinkBed. The coil on coil construction of this mattress provides contouring and pressure relief to the body. It is made up of high quality material that offers support as well as bounce which will make your intimate moments even more enjoyable. It provides great edge support which is ideal for couples. It offers different levels of firmness and hence, you can get your preferred level of firmness. WinkBed is on par with high-quality innerspring mattresses which retail for double the price of this.


  • The Saatva Mattress

Because of the construction of this mattress, it is definitely one of the best pick for sex. It has two sets of innerspring coils, which provide ideal level of bounce and response. This will make your moments even more enjoyable and afterwards, you can be assured to have a sound sleep as it provides great comfort because of its foam layers. Saatva mattress provides great edge support which is good because you will possibly use full surface of the bed. The foam layers also provide additional support and relief for pressure points. Also, you can use your mattress for 120 nights and if you happen to dislike it (which is very rare), you can return it without any additional cost.


While all of these variants are winner in this category, you have to choose which one will suit you the best. Don’t just choose a bed on the basis of how it performs at sex, after all you also have to sleep in it. All you have to do is select a mattress which is a combination of both. We really hope that this guide will help you to make the right choice to make sex as enjoyable for you as you want it to be.