Brentwood is an online only mattress company which sells its products directly to the consumers under the name Brentwood Home. Brentwood Home Cedar is an all natural latex mattress that is as eco-friendly as it gets. Earlier, mattresses made up of 100% natural latex used to be heavy and highly responsive which is not ideal for sleep comfort. With Brentwood Home Cedar mattress, you can say bye to all those problems. It is constructed in a such a way that despite of being an all natural latex mattress, it provides with comfort and support.



The Cover is made of organic cotton that is hand-tufted to secure all the layers without the use of chemicals. It is eco-friendly and pesticide free. Borders of the mattress are quilted with fiber instead of foam and incorporated with New Zealand Wool which wicks away the moisture and makes the mattress more breathable.

The First Layer consists of 2 inches of all natural latex foam. This layer is very responsive and it provides bounce to the mattress. It also helps to dissipate body heat as latex foam has great cooling properties.

The Second Layer again is a 2 inches of all natural latex foam with a density of 4.7 lbs but it is computer designed and cut into 3 targeted zones with grooves to provide optimal comfort for shoulders, back, and legs through the night. This layer also insures increased airflow.

The Third Layer is an 8 inches of individually wrapped coils that provides with precise body contouring and support. It is constructed with reinforced coils in the lumbar region for extra support to the lower back. Individual coils also provide motion isolation to the mattress.

The Last Layer is an eco-friendly layer of organic coconut husk. It is supposed to act as a foundation for all the above layers.


Firmness of a mattress is mostly subjective, it depends upon weight distribution and preferences. People with different weight will rate a same mattress differently. But, on an average Brentwood Home Cedar mattress is rated 5 on 10 on the firmness scale by the users which places this mattress in the medium soft category. It is soft enough to provide comfort and support unlike some softer mattresses that tend to cause shoulder pain or hip pain. It is responsive but not too bouncy to cause any kind of discomfort.

Motion Isolation

If you’re sharing your bed with your partner then this is something you would want to know. Nobody wants to be disturbed by their partner’s movements through the night and hence couples usually prefer mattresses that can contain motion. When it comes to Brentwood Cedar mattress, since it is made up of latex and coils, it will not perform extra ordinary in this field. But having said that, it still performs quite well if compared to other latex mattresses because of the isolated spring coils and computer designed latex. So, you will feel it when your partner crawls into the bed but not to a point to disturb your sleep.

Edge Support

If you share your bed with your partner then you understand how useful it is to use full surface of the mattress. While some mattresses make you feel like you will roll out of the bed, Brentwood Cedar is not like that. This mattress is pretty good at providing support to the user at center as well as at the edges. Even when sleeping towards the very edge of this mattress, you will not feel like you might roll out of the bed while sleeping.

Other features

  • It offers 120 nights trial where you can try it at the comfort of your home and if you don’t like it then Brentwood will work with you to find a charity nearby to donate the mattress.
  • It offers free shipping as well as free returns in US in case you don’t like the mattress.
  • It is made in California.
  • Also, the company offers a 25 years warranty on this mattress.

Is it the right mattress for you?

Well, if you prefer eco-friendly and natural products then this will be a good pick for you. Also, it is a hybrid mattress that will provide you the best of both worlds. Couples who prefer responsive and bouncy mattresses can give this mattress a chance as it provides ideal amount of bounce for amorous activities. It is also good for solo sleepers as it provides extra pressure relief too.