GhostBed was started in 2015 with the main goal of providing better shopping experience to people as it as an online only retailer which mean there’s no need to deal with sales people. It is a combination of memory foam and latex, providing the comfort of memory foam and the cooling effects of latex. While it might look like any other bed-in-the-box mattress but there are a few things about it that makes it stand out in the market.



The First layer is made up of 1.5 inches of latex foam. Latex has a quick response to pressure which provides the mattress a little bit of bounce. This layer is aerated which provides breathability and also lures out the body heat and retain a cooler surface temperature.

The Second layer is a 2 inches of memory foam placed between the latex layer and the base layer. This provides comfort and contour to the body. Memory foam tends to get hot towards the night, so it is strategically placed underneath the latex which will dissipate the heat and keep the mattress feeling cooler.

The Base layer is a 7.5 inches of high density poly foam. It provides support to the layers and acts as a foundation for the mattress.



Firmness of a mattress cannot be described accurately as it highly depends upon the weight distribution and personal preferences of every individual. Different people will rate a same mattress differently due to their weight. But, on an average users have rated GhostBed mattress to be on 6-7 on the firmness scale (10 being the firmest). This puts the GhostBed in a medium firm mattress range which is great for people who like additional support from their mattress. This will also be comfortable for different sleeping positions.


Motion Isolation

If you plan on sharing your bed with your partner then you would want to know if you’ll be bothered by their movements or not. Well, the answer is no. GhostBed mattresses isolate motion to an extent as to where you will not be feeling any movement if someone rolls in or out of the bed. You or your partner will not be disturbed when one of you crawls out of the bed in the morning. But, if you or your partner have the habit of moving excessively then this mattress will not quite suit you.


Edge Support

If you share your bed with your partner then you already know how significantly important it is to be able to use full surface area of the bed without having to be scared of rolling out of the bed in the middle of the night. GhostBed mattress being a foam mattress, doesn’t provide as much edge support as you’d expect from a traditional innerspring mattress but, it still performs quite better than memory foam. You will feel a difference when you lay on the sides and the center of the mattress but you will never feel like you will accidentally roll out of the bed if you shift towards the sides of the mattress.


Other features

  • GhostBed offers a free 101-night trial for you to effectively make your decision.
  • They also offer a 20-year warranty on this mattress.
  • These beds may not be responsive enough for couples who like bouncier mattresses.
  • There’s little to no off-gassing with this mattress which is quite rare in foam mattresses.


Overall, GhostBed mattress is ideal for people who prefer average firmness (not too soft not too firm). Average firmness makes this bed perfect for every sleeping position. This is great for people who want to have all the advantages of memory foam mattress with a little bounciness. GhostBed mattresses are priced lower if compared to other online only mattress retailers which makes it a value for money kind of mattress.