With so many types of mattresses in market, it must have been a little overwhelming for you to decide which one you want. But, now that you’ve probably decided that you want to purchase a memory foam mattress, I must appreciate your sense of comfort. Memory foam mattresses are definitely a great choice for a good night’s (or even day) sleep. But little did you know that memory foam mattresses are further categorized into three more types. Now you have to make another important decision as to which type will suit you better. Back to square one? But, don’t worry we’ve got you covered with detailed information about all three types of memory foam mattress so you can easily choose the best one for yourself.

When you push down on a memory foam, it will always leave a hand print but does that mean that all of them are just the same? No. These mattresses are made up with different combinations of chemicals which make them feel different even if they look similar. So, when you head out to the store don’t just look out for the hand print but actually take your time to analyze which one works for you.


  • Traditional Memory Foam

Memory foam mattresses emerged in the market in mid-1990’s. These were designed to provide the body with extra comfort and cradling support. This was believed to enhance the blood circulation and also provide relief to sore muscles. But, a lot of its users started complaining about the mattress getting too hot into the night that they couldn’t sleep. This was because the mattress was designed in such a way that the sleeper’s body would sink into it and provide a cradle kind of a support. This made the mattress retain the sleeper’s body heat which made it uncomfortable for them to sleep. But, if you’re someone who is not bothered by this issue and someone who actually likes a little warmth when sleeping, then this mattress is definitely going to serve you right.

  • Gel Memory Foam


Gel memory foam was invented to combat the issue of heating problem in traditional memory foam. When memory foam was introduced in the market everyone loved it because of the comfort it provided. But people who faced the heating issue could not enjoy the comfort of this mattress. This is where gel foam mattress came to the rescue. You might have come across with this material in your shoes or sports equipment. This is just a traditional memory foam which is infused with gel which is meant to keep the mattress cooler. This mattress absorbs the heat of sleeper’s body and keeps the mattress cooler through the night. This material is so unique that it can do both the functions at the same time i.e. absorb the body heat and provide cooling sensation. What else would one expect from their mattress?

  • Air Cool Memory Foam

Air Cool Memory Foam comes as another heat transfer solution. Just like gel foam, these mattresses also absorb the sleeper’s body heat and keeps the mattress cooler. Air Cool mattresses are designed in such a way that not only do they provide comfort to the sleeper but also they are much more responsive which means that they will respond to the body temperature quickly and channel the heat out effectively.


I hope now that you are equipped with all this detailed information, it will be easier for you to decide which mattress will suit you the best. I suggest you not to rush and take your time to decide between these mattresses and get yourself the one that will cater to all your needs.