The Sapira mattresses aims to be the most luxurious bed-in-a-box mattress. It is a hybrid mattress that combines the comfort layers of Leesa foam mattress with individually-wrapped pocket spring system. Sapira hybrid mattresses are designed in a way to respond to the sleeper’s body and gently pushing on their pressure points throughout the night. This mattress will provide you with luxurious sleep while still being affordable for as many people as possible. It has earned a customer satisfaction rating of almost 71% which is better than the ratings of traditional hybrid mattresses.




Sapira comes with 5 layers of foam and wrapped pocket coils that stacks up to 11 inches of comfort.

The cover is a thin blend of Polyester and Lycra which is great for people who don’t like to sleep hot as this will remain cool through the night.

The first layer is a 1.5 inches of high density foam which is responsive to pressure and also helps to keep the mattress cool .

The second layer is a contour layer which is made up of 1.5 inches of memory foam. This layer provides a comfortable contour to the sleeper just like a memory foam without retaining heat.

The third layer is a transition layer made up of 1″ high density poly foam that is placed between the top layers and the core of the bed.

The fourth layer aka support layer is made up of individually wrapped 6 inches of pocketed coils which provide bounciness to the mattress combined with little motion isolation.

The last layer is a 1″ high density poly foam that acts as a foundation of the mattress.



Firmness of a mattress is mostly subjective, it depends upon weight distribution and preferences. While different people have different preferences, on an average the Sapira mattress ranges from 6-7 on the firmness scale (10 being the firmest). This is definitely more on the firmer side which is a match made in heaven for stomach or back sleepers. Mostly people don’t like feeling stuck in a mattress and they like to feel like they are on a mattress instead of feeling like they are in a mattress. This mattress is responsive enough to provide the sleeper with a feeling of sleeping on the mattress.


Motion Isolation

If you share your bed with your partner then you would want to know whether you will be bothered by his/her movements or not. According to users, Sapira mattresses are great at containing motion. This is great for couples who have different sleeping schedules or for people who turn and twist a lot. Due to it’s individually wrapped pocketed coils, it will not let you be bothered by any of your partners movements.


Edge Support

If you share your bed then you would want to use the mattress surface to it’s best. While some mattresses make you feel like you will fall off the bed, Sapira mattresses are not like that. You can use the full surface of this mattress without having to worry about falling off the bed. You can easily sit on the edge of the mattress to tie your laces in the morning as Sapira will give you enough support so that you don’t sink into the bed or fall out of it.


  • There is a slight off-gassing with this mattress but it dissipates quickly within a few days.
  • Sapira offers a 100 nights free trial to make your decision.
  • It also offers you a 10 year full replacement warranty.


This is definitely one of the best luxury mattress which is perfect for back and stomach sleepers. Having said that, it provides equal comfort to side sleepers as well. It is also great for couples as it is bouncy but still contains motion pretty well. But since the mattress is more on the firmer side, it won’t match everyone’s preference but then there is no particular mattress which will be preferred by everyone. So overall, being a hybrid mattress, it won’t be wrong to say that Sapira provides you with the best of both worlds and we highly recommend it.