Spindle mattress is a latex mattress that is currently very popular in the industry. Unlike most of the latex mattresses that are made up of synthetic latex, Spindle mattress is made up of 100% pure dunlop latex. When you log in to the website, you will be asked a few questions about your weight, age and bmi and according to this information, they will suggest you the best firmness level for you. But, the final choice is yours only. Pure latex mattresses do tend to be a little pricier but these are also very durable which makes these mattresses value for money.



Spindle mattress comes in 3 layers of 3 inches each that stacks up to 9″ to 12″ mattress. These layers comes in different boxes and are to be assembled by the consumer. The best part about this mattress is that you can adjust the layers of the mattress according to your firmness preferences.


The cover is made out of organic cotton and natural wool batting. It’s crafted in South Carolina and is pretty thick. Since it is made up of wool, it stays cool in summers and warm in winters. It also provides great cushioning along with the benefits of pressure relieving.

Spindle offers two types of latex layers; medium and firm. These can be mixed and matched  for different firmness levels.

The “Soft” mattress uses medium latex in all 3 layers.

The “Extra Firm” uses firm latex in all 3 layers.

Firm” uses 1 layer of medium on the top and 2 layers of firm on bottom.

Medium” uses one layer of firm on the bottom and 2 layers of medium on top.

As far as construction is considered, there is no hard and fast rule as to which layer should sit on the top or on the bottom. You can mix and match these layers and set them according to your comfort.

Motion Transfer

If you’re planning to share your bed with your partner, then this is very important for you. If you or your partner keeps turning and twisting through the night then you would want a mattress that will provide you motion isolation to it’s best. Latex mattresses provide great bounce and response but, just like any other latex mattress, Spindle doesn’t provide motion isolation. You are likely to feel every twist and turn of your partner and hence, it might not be an ideal option for people who share their bed.

Edge Support

If you share your bed with someone, then you would want to use full surface of the bed without the fear of rolling out of the bed. Spindle mattress is not too good in providing edge support but it’s also not that bad. You will feel like you’re sinking into the mattress when you sleep towards the very side of the mattress. But, it will provide you enough support so that you won’t roll out of the bed.

Other Features

  • No off-gassing with Spindle mattresses what so ever as it is made up of all natural latex.
  • It offers 365 nights of free trial wherein you can twist and shuffle the layers and match it according to your comfort. But, if you still don’t like it then you return it.
  • It also offers 10 year limited warranty.


Overall this is a very unique mattress. It sleeps cool, and the best thing about this mattress is that you can rearrange it according to your preferences. This also means that everyone is likely to find their preferred firmness levels. This is a little expensive but justified for a mattress of such high quality.