Tomorrow Sleep is a startup in the bed-in-a-box industry. It is backed by the largest mattress manufacturer in USA, Serta Simmons. Tomorrow Sleep offers other sleep products (not yet reviewed) like pillows, drapes, comforters, sheets, mattress protector etc.  In comes in two firmness levels which are medium soft and medium firm. While both the models are 10 inches tall and have a similar structure but they are constructed with different layers, which is what that makes both the models feel different.


Medium Firm Mattress construction

The first layer is a 1 inch of black diamond phase change material memory foam. This has a density of 3.5 lbs. This layer is designed to respond faster which not only provides pressure relief but also prevents the feeling of getting stuck. This layer will help in maintaining the temperature of the mattress without letting it get too hot.

The second layer is a thin 0.5 inches of airy comfort foam that is designed to provide additional pressure relief. It has a density of 2.5 lbs and it is infused with gel which helps the mattress stay cooler through the night.

The third layer is a 1.5 inches thick bounce foam. It is 2.6 lbs dense and it prevents the user to sink too much into the bed and gives the feeling of laying on the mattress instead of laying in the mattress.

The fourth layer is a support layer with 6 inches of pocketed coils. This layer helps the mattress to contain motion and provide users with maximum motion isolation.

The last layer is a 1 inch poly foam that acts as a foundation for the mattress.

Medium Soft Mattress construction

The first layer of this mattress is a 1 inch of same black diamond phase change material memory foam. This has a density of 4.8 lbs which provides better pressure relief and contour to the body.

The second layer is a 2 inches of comfort foam infused with gel. Tomorrow sleep has increased this layer by 1.5 inches and have removed the bounce foam in order to make this mattress softer than the medium firm one.

The third layer is a support layer same as the other one which is also 6 inches tall with pocketed steel coils. Pocketed coils are independent to each other and hence they provide motion isolation to this mattress.

The last layer is a 1 inch poly foam layer that provides the coils a base. This layer acts as a foundation for the mattress.



Firmness is more of a subjective topic as it highly depends upon the weight distribution and preferences of every individual. While different people will feel different firmness, on an average the medium firm mattress ranges from 6-7 on the firmness scale (10 being the firmest) which is ideal for people who prefer firm mattress.

The medium soft mattress lives up to it’s name as it ranges from 3.5-5 on the firmness scale which is pretty good for a soft mattress. Users do tend to sink a little too much into this mattress so this is perfect for those people who like that sinking feeling in their mattress. But for people who don’t like to sink at all in their bed should consider the firmer model for themselves.


Motion Isolation

If you plan to share your bed with your partner then you would want to know how it will hold up through out the night while your partner twists and turns. Because of the 6″ steel coil layers, this mattress performs very well at containing motion. You and your partner can enjoy sleeping without any disruption as you will not be bothered by each others movements at all. This makes it an ideal match for couples.


  • There is slight off-gassing with this mattress which should not be a concern at this dissipates quickly within a day or two.
  • Tomorrow offers a 365 nights free trial within which you can return your mattress if you don’t like it and get a full refund of your money.
  • It comes with a 10 year limited warranty.


These mattresses are made up of super high quality material which makes it all the more durable and long lasting. This mattress is ideal for all sleepers as it comes with two levels of firmness. Motion isolation also makes it ideal for couples. It is likely that you will find your preferred level of firmness in one of the model. Also, this company is backed by Serta Simmons so you can be sure that you will only receive highest quality mattress.