Unlike other companies with false claims, Zenhaven is actually made up of all natural latex. It is a unique addition to the online-only mattress market. Zenhaven is the offering of Saatva that also produces Innerspring and memory foam mattresses. Saatva has received more than 15000 5 star reviews and is known for its great customer service. It comes with two firmness options in one mattress. For people who prefer natural material over harmful man made material, you might want to get this one as Zenhaven is as natural as it can get.


Zenhaven mattress comprises of four layers of pure latex that stacks up to 9” of comfort. This mattress comes with two middle layers that are sandwiched between a luxury plush layer on one end and a gentle firm layer on the other. The best thing about this mattress is that it’s flippable. You can sleep on the plush layer or on the firm layer according to your preferences.

The cover is made up of 100% organic cotton which makes it soft and breathable. It is also great for keeping the bed cooler as it absorbs the moisture of the sleeper’s body.

If you keep the plush layer on top then the first layer is made up of 1.5” of Talalay latex. It is 100% natural and it feels soft to the touch.

The second layer is made up of 3″ of Talalay latex which is designed to provide bounce and responsiveness to the mattress.

The third layer is also made up of 3″ Talalay latex which acts as a transition layer if you have the plush side upwards. This layer gives immediate support to the sleeper if the mattress is flipped to the the firmer side upwards.

The fourth layer is a 1.5 inches of firm latex that acts as a foundation for the mattress if the plush layer is on top but this same layer provides extra support to user if the mattress is flipped over and this layer is on the top.


Firmness of a mattress is a confusing subject. Many people cannot figure out how firm or how soft they want their mattress to be. A 2 minute trial in stores doesn’t help either. But, with Zenhaven you will not be forced to choose the firmness of your mattress. This is because, Zenhaven offers two levels of firmness – The Luxury Plush and The Gentle Firm both in one mattress. All you have to do is flip the mattress and enjoy both the sides of the mattress. It is good for users who are confused as to which firmness will suit them as you can get two firmness options in one mattress only.

While firmness of a mattress is mostly subjective, on an average the Luxury Plush side ranges between 4-6 on firmness scale (10 being the firmest) and The Gentle Firm side ranges between 6-7.5 on firmness scale.

Motion Transfer

This is important for those who share their bed with their partner. Zenhaven is an all latex mattress and thus it is not as good as memory foam at containing motion but it is not too bad either. Many latex mattresses are too bouncy which makes it impossible to contain motion. But, Zenhaven is a little different than those mattresses. It is pretty good at containing motion which means you will not be disturbed by light movements of your partner.

Edge Support

If you share your bed with your partner then you understand how useful it is to use full surface of the mattress. Traditional latex mattresses offers little to no edge support which is no different with Zenhaven mattresses as well. Zenhaven mattresses are not quite good at providing edge support. Having said that, The Gentle Firm side still provides a decent amount of edge support but Luxury Plush side offers very little edge support.

Other Features

  • It offers 120 nights trial where you can try it at the comfort of your home and if you don’t like it then you can return it without any extra cost to you.
  • It offers 20 years warranty on this mattress.
  • Zenhaven also offers free shipping in US with free mattress removal.
  • Little to no off-gassing.


Overall, Zenhaven definitely lives up to Saatva’s reputation for luxury and quality. If you prefer natural and eco-friendly products over harmful man made products then you can give this mattress a chance. It is hypoallergenic and resistant to mold, microbes, and dust mites. Zenhaven is a great value for its price and it will last you a very long time as there are no complaints of pre-mature sagging with Zenhaven. The best thing about Zenhaven is that you can take advantage of both firmness levels without actually having to buy another mattress.