If you are single and you’re planning to get yourself a new mattress, then its very simple. All you need to do is find out your preferences and get a mattress that suits you the best. But, if you are planning on sharing your bed with your partner, then there are a lot of things to be kept in mind. Two different people means different opinion and different preference on almost everything. It’s no different when it comes to mattresses. Everyone has their own preferred firmness level, different sleep positions, temperature levels, etc. It is very important that you consider all the factors about a mattress before actually buying it. If you’re not able to get a quality sleep, then it will affect your mood, work and even your relationship with your partner. Don’t worry, in this post we have discussed all the factors that you must consider before choosing a mattress.


Factors To Consider


  • Support

Key to a comfortable mattress is the support that it provides. As a couple, you need to find a mattress that provides you enough support to keep your spine aligned, irrespective of the position you sleep in. As a couple, you put more pressure on your mattress and hence you need a mattress that can withstand greater amount of compression while still providing consistent support. If one among the two partners is heavier, then it is even more important that your mattress is providing good support otherwise the mattress will slope towards the heavier person and the lighter one will keep rolling towards them. This will not let anyone of you sleep well.


  • Motion Isolation

As a couple, motion isolation of a mattress is a major factor that you must consider before purchasing a mattress. You don’t wanna get disturbed when your partner rolls up to check his phone. It is next to impossible to sleep in one position through out the night. In fact, a healthy person twists and turns around the bed a minimum of 25 times through the night. This will become a hindrance to your sleep if your mattress isn’t good at containing motion. Memory foam mattresses have high level of motion isolation which is ideal for partners.


  • Firmness

Whether you’re sharing your bed or not, firmness is the most important factor to be considered before getting a new mattress. Firmness doesn’t mean that your bed should be hard like a rock, rather it should be firm enough to give support and comfort to the sleeper. If you are someone who prefer soft mattresses and your partner likes firm mattresses, and none of you is up for compromise then don’t worry. There are a few options in market these days that offers both levels of firmness in one mattress. Layla mattress comes with four layers that you can shuffle according to your preference. So, you can enjoy both levels of firmness without actually having to get another mattress.


  • Sex

Sex is another important consideration when purchasing a mattress. Couples who are sexually active prefer a more responsive, bouncier mattress. But, bouncier mattress doesn’t mean you have to compromise with the feel of it. There are a lot of options in market where you can get a bouncier mattress along with your preferred firmness level.

Generally, mattress with medium firmness if preferred by couples because it is universally comfortable. But, if you are skeptical about it, you can also opt for split mattresses. Split mattress is a type of mattress where you get two different mattresses that you can put together. You can choose your level of firmness for your side. This is also ideal if one of you is heavier because the lighter one will not keep rolling towards the other side.


A few recommendations:

  • Layla: Layla is ideal for couples because it comes with two firmness levels. You can flip the mattress whenever you want. One side is soft and other one is firm. So, you can experience both in one mattress only.
  • Eight sleep: Eight sleep mattress comes with a technology that let’s you set different temperature on both sides of the bed. You don’t have to sleep cold or hot because of your partner’s preference anymore. You can easily control the temperature on your side.
  • Helix: Helix is a bed-in-a-box hybrid mattress which customizes you mattress according to your feel preference, support need, temperature regulation, etc. You both can talk to each other about your preferences and then you can visit their website to get your mattress customized according to your needs.
  • Winkbeds: Winkbeds offers hybrid mattresses with coil on coil construction. It is a mixture of gel and latex foam that will not only provide cooling but it will also provide enough support. This is especially ideal for heavy couples or where one partner is heavier than the other.


As I mentioned above, two different people means different opinions and preferences on everything. With all these options, you might still have to compromise on some points, but I hope that all these facts and recommendations will help you to choose a right mattress for you and your partner.