If you’re planning to get yourself a new mattress but like many of us, you don’t have an unlimited budget but you still want to get a quality mattress, then you’re at the right place. While best mattress is a subjective matter, we will try to help you by listing our top 5 mattresses that are under $500 which will help you to discover the best mattress for you. Many people believe that the higher the price the better the mattress; but this is not true in the case of mattresses. You don’t have to spend a lot to get a quality mattress. There are many online only retailers these days who sell quality mattresses at fraction of prices as compared to stores. This is because stores incur high overhead costs, and not that the quality is any better than manufacturers that sell online. Also, online retailers offer a free trial period where you can test the mattress at the comfort of your home and if you don’t like it, you can return it without any extra cost to you.

Choosing top 5 mattress is very tricky as there are many quality mattresses that are under $500. Here is our list of top mattresses under $500 but please bear in mind that these may not be the best for you. So, you need to do a little bit of research and consider your sleeping positions, weight, etc before getting a new mattress.


  • LUCID 12 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress

It is a 4-layer bamboo charcoal plant-infused mattress which is one of the best mattress under $500. It is great for sensitive skin as this is hypoallergenic; antimicrobial that prevents mites and allergens. It features gel memory foam in the top layer and open cell structure that increases breathability. It is rated at 4 on the firmness scale which places it as medium soft category. Being a foam mattress it supports the natural curvature of your spine and provides pressure relief. You get maximum motion isolation and good edge support. It also offers free shipping and comes with 10 years warranty which makes it a value for money product.


  • Zinus 14 Inch Hybrid Mattress


Zinus is one of the most popular options in the market. This model in particular has been clinically proven to improve the efficiency of your sleep. It is designed to deliver medium firmness which suits the majority of people. This mattress in particular has been clinically proven to improve the efficiency of your sleep. The medium firmness level accommodates most sleepers, it offers minimal motion transfer and helps in maintaining cooler temperature throughout the night. The foam that is used in this mattress is made up of natural plant oil which enhances the overall and long-term freshness of the bed.


  • Classic Brands Cool Gel Ultimate Gel Memory Foam


This mattress is consists of 4 layers that stack up to 14-inches of comfort. The first layer is 2-inches of ventilated gel memory foam, second layer being a 2-inches of regular memory foam, third layer consists of 2-inches of soft comfort foam and the last layer is made up of 8-inches of high-density support foam. It is covered with a soft stretch knit fabric with side panels. It is infused with gel which makes sure that you won’t sleep hot at night. It provides great support to your pressure points and it is also suitable for every sleep position. It will give you a feeling of sleeping on the mattress rather than sleeping into the mattress. It offers 25 years of warranty and is suitable for adjustable bases as well. It is impossible to satisfy everyone and hence there are a few complaints about this mattress being too hard or too soft but if you consider its price, then we think its a great mattress.


  • Brentwood Home Sierra

Sierra by Brentwood Home consists of 4 layers that stacks up to 11 inches of comfort. The first layer is a 1-inch QuiltFlex foam that is placed over the second layer which is a 3-inches of gel memory foam. The third layer is 2-inches of Airlux foam and the base layer is a 5-inch thick therapeutic foam. All these layers are wrapped in a cover that is hand-sewn tape edges with a stretchy top that adapts to movement over a New Zealand wool liner. It ranges between 5-6 on firmness scale which places this mattress in the medium category which accommodates majority of sleepers. It is an online only company and hence it offers higher-quality products at a lower cost. It also offers 120-night sleep trial, and comes with 25 years of warranty.


  • Tuft & Needle

Tuft and Needle consists of only two layers of adaptive polyurethane foam. It says on the website that “More Layers Aren’t Always Better.” The poly foam comfort layer is adaptive foam that performs like memory foam and latex without the downsides of these materials. The second layer is also a type of adaptive foam, and the cover is made up of stretchy polyester called Tactel. It stays cool through out the night which makes it ideal for people who sleep hot. You will feel like you’re sleeping on top of the mattress rather than sleeping into it. Also, it is compatible with all bed frames. It provides maximum motion isolation which means you will not be disturbed by your partner’s movements. Tuft and Needle offers 100 night sleep trial where you can test it out at the comfort of your home and if you don’t like it you can return it. It also comes with a 10-year warranty.

I hope that this guide helps you to choose the perfect mattress should you be stuck along the way. All you have to do now is research a little and match your preferences with the mattresses and get yourself the right mattress.