Side sleepers are the most common kind of sleepers. Most people find that sleeping on their side is the only position which results into a restful night’s sleep. Although, it is considered ideal to sleep on the back as it keeps the spine aligned, the next best position to sleep is on the side. But, side sleepers may find themselves tossing and turning quite a lot. Also, since there are more curves on the side of your body as compared to the back, a poorly picked out mattress can create tension in your shoulders, hips, and neck. Also, if you think it doesn’t matter which side you sleep on, then you’re wrong. Doctors suggest that you should sleep on your left side for better blood flow. Side sleepers should get a softer mattress which can provide the support they need, while gently contouring to the curves of their body. In this article, we will list a few mattresses that are ideal for side sleepers.


  • Loom and Leaf

Loom and Leaf by Saatva is a memory foam mattress which is made with organic cotton and eco friendly foam. The Loom & Leaf mattress comprises of four different layers that stacks up to a 12 inches mattress which means 2 inches of extra comfort if compared with the standard 10 inches memory foam mattresses. It is designed to offer body contouring and pressure relief. This is an ideal mattress for side sleepers as it contours a little to the body to provide comfort and pressure relief, still being firm enough to provide support to the sleeper. The mattress comes with a quilted layer stuffed with spinal gel which keeps the mattress cool through out the night.


  • Winkbeds

For those side sleepers who prefer that traditional innerspring feel, Winkbed mattress is a great choice. It is a Hybrid mattress and it comes with extra foam on top which provides a great plush feeling and support to the sleeper. Winkbed offers four levels of firmness, luxury firm being the most popular. The luxury firm mattress is an ideal match for side sleepers, as it is very pressure relieving on the shoulders and hips. For people who feel comfortable on soft mattresses, they can opt for the softer one.


  • Helix

Whether you sleep on your side or on the back, Helix is ideal for every kind of sleeper. Helix offers fully customized mattresses which are tailored to cater to your needs. All you have to do is go to their site and answer a series of questions about your sleeping position, preferences, etc, and they will customize a mattress for you. This is especially great for couples with different sleeping preferences, as you can customize both the sides according to your personal preferences.


  • Nolah

The top layer of Nolah mattress is made with their proprietary AirFoam, the second one is made of supportive high-resilience foam, and the third layer is a high-density base foam. The AirFoam is soft to touch which ensures that hips and shoulder don’t sink in too far and your spine stays aligned. The AirFoam maintains the temperature of the mattress and helps to keep it cool through out the night. Nolah is a great for couples as well, as it is great at containing motion. Nolah claims that this mattress provides four times less peak pressure than other similar mattresses. Also, this is a temperature neutral mattress which will maintain the temperature of mattress through out the night, not allowing it to get too hot or too cold.


  • Amerisleep As4

AS4 by Amerisleep is a high quality memory foam mattress which is great for side sleepers. It is a medium soft mattress perfect for people who like more cushioning in their mattress. It provides enough pressure relief to the sleeper while still being comfortable. Their proprietary Celliant cover is made with 13 thermoreactive minerals which improves the performance of the mattress. They claim that their Bio-Pur™ foam is five times more breathable than traditional memory foam mattresses. It helps to keep the mattress cooler through out the night.