Water beds were considered to be the coolest in the late 1980’s. They were expensive but evidently one out of every four mattresses sold at that time was a water bed mattress. It was bouncy enough for kids and comfortable enough for adults. Waterbed comes with heating settings which makes it easier to control the temperature of your mattress. Waterbeds were initially designed for camping purposes because you could just roll it up in your bag and inflate it whenever you want to sleep or relax. But with more and more claims made by the companies alongside catchy advertisements, waterbeds created a buzz among people and there was not one person who didn’t wanted to get his hands on them.

Quickly, waterbeds became the coolest possession at that time, but suddenly they became super lame. Wondering why? Well, you’ll get it towards the end of this article.

These days, with the emergence of so many more mattresses, waterbeds make up a very small fraction of overall mattress sales. But, just like there are people who still prefer computers over laptops, there are people who still prefer waterbeds over any other mattress. If you are also planning to get a waterbed mattress, then let’s look at some aspects to find out whether it is actually worth it to spend a thousand dollars or more of your hard earned money on these mattresses or not.


  • High Maintenance:

One of the major issue with waterbeds is that they are pretty high maintenance. Since these mattresses are heavy, it is difficult to set them up for the first time or if you want to move it later. It takes a lot of time to fill these mattresses with water and again a lot of time if you want to deflate it. These are definitely not the kind of mattresses that you can turn easily. But these days, there are a few mattresses that are inserted with tubes which are filled with water rather than filling the whole mattress. But still, waterbed mattresses are high maintenance especially if compared with all the different options available these days.

  • Comfort:

These mattresses were known to be the most comfortable mattress of all times but many users have reported that when used every day, these do not feel as comfortable as they felt during the very first few days of usage. While some people with back pain love to sleep on water bed mattresses, others have complained to have back pain issues after using this mattress. Comfort is always subjective, that’s the reason for these mixed reviews. There are many beds these days that provides users with the same comfort of a water bed with much lesser maintenance but If you’re someone who still prefers a waterbed then by all means go for it.

  • Price:

Back in the day, waterbed mattresses used to burn down a hole in the pocket. But as soon as the demand for these mattresses started to fall, companies lowered the price to a great extent. Today, waterbeds are not very expensive if you just want it for when guests come over or for movie nights. But, if you want a waterbed mattress to sleep on daily, then you will have to invest a higher amount of money. If price is not something that bothers you when it comes to comfort, then you can go for this mattress but if you ask me whether it’s worth that much money then I’ll have to say no. You can get memory foam mattress or even air mattress which are priced the same as waterbeds if not lower.

All in all, to purchase or not to purchase this mattress is completely a subjective opinion. As mentioned above, there are people who cannot sleep on any other mattress than this one but, at the same time there are people who don’t find it as comfortable. So, if you don’t mind getting your bed fixed at times (courtesy punctures) or the price, and you just want this luxurious mattress in your bedroom, then why not?